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What is NSID and Youth Sports Age and Grade Verification?

National Sports ID is the first youth sports age and grade verification platform ever built to enforce the rules and requirements of youth sporting events. NSID’s groundbreaking technology was created and continues to evolve from working with 1000s of youth sports tournaments and leagues over the years. We have used our partner’s feedback to design seamless processes to meet their needs which are: eliminating checking player documents at events, making sure all players are eligible for the divisions they are participating in, and making sure all teams meet all requirements of the event before the competition begins. 

NSID has not only eliminated having to bring player documents to events but ever needing them again, once the player is verified. We have also managed to incorporate many necessary features that go along with the player verification and some of them are e-sign waiver management, verified team rosters, verified game scoresheets, college booklets, and MUCH more. 

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