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2022 Game Rules

(Rules for Flag football will be attached as an addendum.)

Article 18 Section 1: General

A. All games shall be played according the bylaws, rules, and guidelines of B12YL. Any issue or rule not addressed by B12YL shall be enforced according to the current rules of the NCAA and UIL, with the exception of the jersey numbering system. Three digit numbers and/or letters are not allowed.

B. NO CHOP/CUT BLOCKING OR BLOCKING BELOW THE WAIST WILL BE ALLOWED -PERIOD. This will be defined as any block below the waist in which a player leads with the head, face, or shoulder. Teach drive blocking or roll blocking only.



No player is allowed to line up over center Flag-8u. Any player in the tackle box must be in a 3 pt stand. No Blitzing allowed. Linebackers must be 3 yards from the LOS at the snap

9u-13u can play any style of defense.

Section 2: The duration of games

A. Games will consist of 4 quarters with a 5 minute half time.


B. Quarter length will be as follows:

Flag 5u-6u Division – (8) Minutes running

7u-9u Division - (8) Minutes Amended Clocked

10u-13u Division - (10) Minutes Amended Clock

Last 2 minutes of 4th qtr full regulation clock all levels

C. Games will be timed by a game official in accordance with B12YL Bylaws. The scoreboard clock may be used as the timing device at the discretion of the game chief official.

D. Game officials will enforce a thirty (30) second play clock.

E. Game forfeit time will be 10 minutes after the official scheduled time for the game.

Section 3: Game Balls

A. All game balls must be uniform in size and cover.

B. B12YL designated models/sizes of footballs for play will be as follows:

a. Game balls will be of Leather/Composite Leather cover

b. Flag will use Wilson K2 or equivalent (Pee Wee size)

c. (7-8) will use Wilson K2 or equivalent (Pee Wee Size)

 d. (9-10) will use Wilson TDJ or equivalent (Jr. Size)

 e. (11-12) will use Wilson TDY or equivalent (Youth)

Section 4: Score Values

A. Touchdown (TD)     6 points

B. Field goal    3 points

must be kicked off ground or black square tee

C. Safety     2 points

D. Point after TD:    Fwd Pass=2 pts    Run=1 point   Kick=2 pts

Section 5: Coaches and access to the field

A. Two (2) flag coaches per team will be allowed on the field at all times (see Flag Rules).

B. One (7u) coach per team may be on the field during play. Once the quarterback is in position under center all coaches must be 5 yards deeper than any player on the team and are prohibited from physically or verbally directing players.

      I. First offense - 10 yard coaches conduct penalty.

     ii. Second offense - coach will not be allowed on the field during play for the remainder  of the game.

A. For all other divisions, coaches will only be allowed on the field to help an injured player. The coach will not direct his team while on the field to help an injured player. No other adults are allowed on the field during the game. Players will go to the sidelines during a time out. Teams are allowed to hydrate players during these breaks in play.

Section 6: Game winner determination

A. The team scoring the most points in regulation time shall be officially judged the winner.

B. REGULAR SEASON games: If at the end of regulation play the score for both teams is equal, then the game will be judged a tie and ONE overtime session will be used to determine a winner. If the score remains tied after the completion of ONE overtime period, then the game will be officially recorded as a tie. Overtime will start with will start with 4 downs from the 10 yard line.

C. POST-SEASON games: If at the end of regulation play the score has resulted in a tie, the game will then proceed to overtime. Unlike regular season games, a POST-SEASON game cannot end in a tie, therefore, we will use as many overtime sessions as necessary to determine a victor in these games.

D. All overtimes will be played according to the current rules of the NCAA and UIL with the exception that the ball will be placed at the 10 yard line to begin a series. If POST-SEASON game is still tied after 1 st overtime session, Upon scoring a TD during or after the 2nd possession, the scoring team must attempt a 2 point conversion by passing or kicking the ball.

Article 19: Kicking Game: All phases of the kicking game will be played within the rules, guidelines, and modifications listed below.

Section 1: Punting:

A. In the Flag division, a punt is always an automatic advancement. The punt will be announced to the official by the coach on the field or the team captain. The offensive team may utilize the allotted time on the play clock but must announce their decision before the play clock expires (delay of game penalty).

B. If the automatic advancement is chosen, the officials will advance the ball 30 yards; this will not penetrate the opponent’s 20 yard line.

C. If the game clock is running after third down, it will continue to run until the coach announces to the referee his decision to punt. At that time the clock will run until the ball is spotted for a change of possession, the referee will advance the ball, and the clock will resume with the first down snap after change of possession.

D. If the game clock is stopped after third down due to a called timeout, incomplete pass, out of bounds, or any other reason: The game clock will remain stopped until the team with possession snaps the ball to attempt a fourth down, or If the automatic advancement is chosen, the game clock will remain stopped, the referee will advance the ball, and the clock will resume with the first down snap after change of possession.

E. In the 9u-13u divisions, the punting game will be played according to current rules of the NCAA and UIL. No one on defense may line up over center and make contact with the center being as the center is in a "defenseless" position. No one from the kicking team players is allowed to leave the line of scrimmage prior to the kick, including the two players lined up further outside on each side of the ball. Everyone can leave upon the kicking of the ball.

F. On 7u-8u, there will be no rush allowed. Also the kicker may take the snap from under center and move into punt position prior to punting. The play-clock is still in play during punt. 9u-13u punts are live after the kick!

Section 2: Extra Points and Field Goals:

A. 7u-9u divisions may attempt field goals and extra points with no rush allowed. 10u-13u will be a live rush.

B. There will be a time limit applied to extra point and field goal tries in the Flag, 1A, 2A,and 3A divisions as follows:

a. After the holder places the ball on the tee, the kicker must initiate his approach to the ball within the designated time allowed, 10 seconds for Flag 7u-9u

b. Defense must remain on the field and cannot cross the line of scrimmage when the  ball is snapped.

 c. Defense may not return a miss.

 d. No fakes are allowed Flag 7u-9u

Section 3: Kickoff / Kickoff Return:

A. In the Flag division there are no kickoffs. For each kickoff, the ball will be placed at the 30 yard line of the receiving team.

B. In the 7u-13u divisions, kicking off is required and is played according to the current rules of the NCAA and UIL. Onside kicks are legal

Article 20: Protest Procedure

Section 1: Protests vs. Complaints:

A. Only protests involving the eligibility of a player or coach are allowed. All  other issues fall under complaint category and will be submitted in writing to a  commissioner who will forward the complaint to B12YL (see Article 20, Section 3).

B. No protests will be allowed concerning officials (including all judgment calls and quality of officials). This will not be visited on a case-by-case basis.

Section 2: The Procedure to be used for formal protest:

A. The party wanting to protest the eligibility of a player may do so at any time. If the protest is filed during a game there will be no stoppage of play to investigate  unless the Head Referee makes such determination. In this case, the remainder of the game will be played under protest.

Article 21: Miscellaneous

Section 1: Pull over jersey and Flags

A. Visiting team must verify with home team prior to the contest in order to avoid CONFLict between game jerseys.

B. If in the opinion of game officials, the jersey colors of the two teams are too difficult to distinguish between; the visiting team will be responsible for wearingpullover or replacement jerseys of a non-conflicting color. Failure to do so may result in the visiting team forfeiting the game.


C. Flags for 5u and 6u division will be provided by league with league logo. 10 per team


Section 2: Game Field Notes

 A. When available, a scoreboard is preferred but not required for use during a game. The operation of the clock must be by a competent individual who is familiar with standard NCAA/UIL clock operation and referee signals for clock operation. if the clock cannot be operated properly for any reason, it will be turned off,and time will be kept by the officials on the field.

B. Food and drinks from the concession/snack stand for the game officials will be handled individually by B12YL member organizations and will be at the discretion of the home team at game sites.


C. Game officials shall be paid in accordance with agreed upon terms between B12YL and the organization of officials. Officials must be paid prior the last game  of the day. Home Field admin needs to bring money to the head ref only so the last  game can be started on time.


Field Dimension:


5u flag 80 yard field 9v9 players (can start game with 7)

6u flag 100 yard field 11v11 players (can start game with 9)


Playing Rules:


Def line must be lined 1 yard off LOS

LB must be 3 yards back

Coaches must be 5 yards back of the deepest player at the snap.

Def can’t line up over the center


3 timeouts       


Punts are a 30 yard walkoff cannot penetrate opponent’s 20 yard line

8 minute running clock until last 2 minutes of the 4rth QTR (Stop clock )

Clock also stops for xtra point and immediately runs once ball is set for next possession at the    25 yard line 6u     30 yard line 5u.

FLAG guarding is a spot foul 5yds and loss of down.

Can I jump to avoid flag pull?    NO        Can I make a spin move?   YES


Field Dimension:


6U Tackle 100 yard field

2 kickoffs per game only…. Start of 1 st half and start of 2nd half.

All other possessions will start at the 25 yard line

Punts are 30 yard walkoff cannot penetrate opponent’s 20 yard line

8 minute amended clock until last 2 minutes of the 4rth QTR (Stop clock )

Clock also stops for xtra point and immediately runs once ball is set for next possession at the 25 yard line


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